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Five Ways to Support CNER


Join the Campaign

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  • Off-Peak Ticket

    Every month
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    • Contribute to keeping the Campaign funded, thank you!
  • Standard Ticket

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    • All 'Off-Peak' benefits.
    • Digital CNER welcome pack.
    • Digital copy of CNER's Newsletter (3x annually)
    • Have your part in the campaign acknowledged on the website.
  • First Class Cabin

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    • All 'Off-peak' and 'Standard Ticket' benefits.
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Donate to the Campaign

Help to fund campaigning efforts

Your donation will help support the work of the Campaign as we make the case for new railway across the North East, including the expansion of both passenger and freight capability to benefit local communities and support carbon reduction targets. Donations help to fuel campaign efforts by allowing us to pay for things like space rental, printing, hosting fees, advertising, and hiring professionals on occasion.
Every penny helps and we appreciate all we are given!


Volunteer for the Campaign

Donate your time

CNER are always looking for help, if you would rather contribute your time than your money, we absolutely appreciate it! From distributing flyers to chipping in at community events, opportunities come up often. Fill out the form below to indicate your willingness to volunteer, and we'll be in touch. If you have any particular skill that you think could be useful to the campaign, please let us know. 

Register to Volunteer, we'll let you know how you can help.

Endorse the Campaign

Give us your public backing


Our campaign is built from our community. We exist to give a voice to those of us who are crying out for the benefits that this project will bring. To be recognised as a legitimate representative of the community, we rely on the endorsement of prominent figures in business, social, political and public spheres. If you think you would benefit from new rail links in the North East, and believe in our vision, please get in touch and we can discuss a plan to set up a public endorsement, often these can attract and generate some publicity in the media, which is a further benefit to us!


CNER pride ourselves on the cross-party, party-politically neutral nature of our campaign. You can help by giving a public statement, lobbying colleagues, and pulling all strings available to you to advance our cause. 

Business Leaders

Let us know the transport challenges your business faces, and how rail could help your business thrive. Let us arrange a public endorsement suitable to your business, from a simple statement to a donation and novelty cheque, publicity helps!

Community Leaders

Residents and Supporters

Organise a meeting to raise awareness and canvas opinion. Grassroots campaigning and bringing together groups of people with disparate needs and goals will strengthen our case and ultimately produce a railway that is best for the community.

The best way to support the campaign is to become a member and get involved. We are always looking for anyone with skills that they can use to the benefit of the campaign. There's no better endorsement than word of mouth!

Help to Promote the Campaign

Spread the word

Do you have a platform that can broadcast the message CNER are promoting? Would you like CNER to appear at your event? How about a quote or copy? 

CNER are always looking out for ways to spread knowledge about the campaign as far and wide as possible. Please get in touch if you have a way for us to do that,

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