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Our Backers

Our Backers

CNER enjoys support from across the community. See what people are saying about us and our proposals below. 

-- Partners --

CNER are working in Partnership with Aberdeen Grampian Chamber of Commerce and NESTRANS to deliver a STAG based feasibility study in the Buchan area. This study funded by Scottish Government's Just Transition Fund, and represents the culmination of our campaign so far. The output of this work will form the cornerstone of this railway going forward.


"If we want to see our region’s economy firing on all cylinders, we need better transport links to major centres of industry and commerce such as Peterhead and Fraserburgh, joining up settlements of significant size and population along the way. 

The success of the reinstating the Borders railway and now the Levenmouth project in Fife shows what can be achieved with credible plans, a good business case and public support backed by local business communities.

Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce is proud to share the vision for reconnecting Buchan to the UK-wide rail network, with the huge potential that brings for shifting freight, for commuters travelling across our region and for attracting more visitors to explore this fantastic corner of Scotland."

-- Politicians --

Karen Adam
Audrey Nicoll
Gillian Martin
Kevin Stewart
Jackie Dunbar
Maggie Chapman
Mercedes Villalba
Michael Ma

-- Business Leaders--

Ainsley Dyga
Chairwoman, Broch Business Together

“At first I was very sceptical about the rail link thinking it was a very pie in the sky idea which would never happen but after being on the meeting last week I’m more positive this will go forward.

It will provide a greater reach for the public and along with improved transportation links will open up a whole new avenue of tourists for the area.

There will need to be things put in place for this to happen and there will be disruption but I think the bigger goal is definitely worth it.”

Tina Gibbins
Publican, Ban-Car Hotel

"The vital benefits of the project will help local communities achieve their full potential. I would definitely favour the North East Railway line through Peterhead and then up to Fraserburgh. We always feel that the north-east corner is forgotten about and it has so much to offer. 
For the hotel and the area it would definitely bring more tourists. It would undeniably lessen traffic, especially by reducing freight from the roads.” 

-- Community Councils --

Sharon Bradford
Chairwoman, Peterhead Community Council

“As the largest town in Aberdeenshire, and in Scotland without rail links, it is hugely disappointing that in 2022, we remain disconnected from the rest of Scotland in terms of rail infrastructure.
“The benefits of re-establishing rail links would be widespread, not only for tourism, but for industry and also in terms of accessibility. We continually hear that Peterhead and Fraserburgh are key priorities for regeneration – let’s see that translate to become a reality.”

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