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May '21     Election and Meeting MSPs

During May's election CNER secured commitments from candidates across the political spectrum. Since then, we have been busy meeting with those who were elected to make our case and plan a strategy forward. CNER are happy to report that all MSPs we met agree that rail provision in the North East is not fit for purpose, and that expansion is necessary. Even MSPs who didn't get around to endorsing our campaign during the election have been amenable and enthusiastic in our meetings. CNER is firmly on the agenda of all of our North East representatives, and regular cross-party meetings including SNP, Conservative, Green and Labour MSPs are now being hosted to discuss strategy and progress towards our new railway. 

Sep '21     Scottish Government Cooperation Agreement

The results in May produced a parliament where no single party held a majority. As a result talks began between the SNP and the Scottish Green Party in hopes of reaching a power sharing agreement. Last month this agreement was ratified, and the Greens entered the Scottish Government alongside the SNP. This agreement is relevant for our efforts here at CNER. Not only does it commit the Scottish Government to dedicating £5bn over this term of parliament to our railways, but the North East is the only rail project that gets a specific mention in the deal text. It says; "Working with Nestrans, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils on the feasibility of a mass rapid transit system for the region, and also a rail link between Dyce and Ellon and further north to Peterhead and Fraserburgh."  This is great news for CNER, and shows that our message is cutting through, we have been told that this wording would not be in there had it not been for our campaign. A feasibility study is coming for Buchan railways!

Sep '21     #ConnectOurCoast

Now that progress is being made on the Buchan Corridor, we have launched a new sub-campaign to focus on this region for now. CNER are still committed to seeing Banchory and Deeside connected, #ConnectOurCoast aims to sharpen our message in Buchan while the promised work on a feasibility study progresses. We published a Business and Environmental Case focussed on Buchan, and will be continuing work in the north east of the North East to ensure the coming study has the greatest chance of success. Read more about our sub-campaign in the Buchannie here

Over 500 people responded to our #ConnectOurcoast survey. Some folk expressed concern that we had forgotten about Fraserburgh and Banchory. Don't worry, we haven't. This survey was examining the Boddam Branch line, the only section of former railway in Buchan that has not been studied in previous years. The results clearly show that terminating the railway at Ellon isn't nearly enough. Data from the Borders Railway shows that stations further from cities perform better than stations closer to cities, and here we have evidence that this effect will be replicated in the North East. CNER want to see Fraserburgh, Peterhead, Ellon and Banchory reconnected to the rail network, an Ellon Park & Ride terminus was studied in 2016, and was shown not to be enough. Text responses provided some great insights into the thoughts of the community, and we will be releasing some further info from the survey in time, as well as using the findings behind the scenes in our meetings to come. 

Screenshot 2021-09-17 161548.png
Sep '21     Meeting with NESTRANS
Screenshot 2021-09-17 171624.png

The Scottish Government Cooperation Agreement promises to work with Nestrans and both North East councils to bring forward a new feasibility study. CNER met with Nestrans Director Rab Dickson, and Transport Executive Kelly Wiltshire to discuss the aims and strategy of our campaign going forward. This meeting was constructive and valuable, CNER and Nestrans both hope to maintain an open and friendly dialogue as things develop. CNER encouraged Nestrans to amend their recommendations of studying a railway between 'Dyce and Ellon' to better reflect what is stated in the Cooperation Agreement, and this was raised and accepted at Nestrans next meeting on Wedsnesday. Listen to this meeting by clicking the button below, discussion of the Scottish Government Cooperation Deal and CNER begins at 29:19.

Oct '21     Aberdeen to Laurencekirk Multi Modal Study
Cove Bay.png

NESTRANS commissioned a study to investigate options for improving transport links between Aberdeen and Laurencekirk. Included in the options were new stations for Altens, Cove Bay and Newtonhill. CNER supports all three of these station options. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the public consultation. Fingers crossed it will make all the difference, we'll keep you posted with updates from NESTRANS.

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What's Next?


Strategic Transport Projects Review 2


STPR2 will set the strategy for transport investment in Scotland for the next 20 years. We now have confirmation that this review will conclude at the end of the year, followed by a 12 week consultation period. Buchan Rail is already an option being considered in the ongoing sifting process, recent developments with the cooperation deal should mean this option will be progressed, but CNER will be continuing to do all we can to ensure this happens. STPR2 will inform the scope of the coming feasibility study, we are working to ensure the never-studied Boddam Branch is included, so keep a close eye on it. 


After the review's conclusion we will be in touch, we'll need your help to make our response to the consultation heard!

COP 26

On October 31st, world leaders will gather in Glasgow to discuss the Climate Crisis and set out plans to tackle our global carbon emissions. This meeting of leaders could have a significant effect on the attitudes of governments towards projects such as ours. CNER will be keeping a close eye on the proceedings. 

Local Council Elections

This May we will be going to the polls again to elect our local councillors. CNER will be running a similar campaign to that which we ran for the Holyrood elections this year. We will be seeking commitments from candidates to support our campaign throughout their tenure if elected. These elections may be more important than the Holyrood elections as they will change the makeup of Nestrans. 




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