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The Campaign for North East Rail is an independent and informal community group founded in 2021. We are committed to reversing the injustice of stripping the rails from North East Scotland since the Beeching cuts, and pressuring the Scottish Government to address the isolation felt in Aberdeenshire. CNER is comprised entirely of individuals interested in seeing better public transport in Aberdeenshire. We are independent of any political party, but seek to work with all individuals and organisations who share our aims.

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Timing is critical for our campaign, the Scottish Parliament elections are right around the corner, and the government are working on documentation right now that will determine transport investment in Scotland over the next 20 years. Our Campaign aims to secure feasibility studies to allow work on North East railways to begin in line with the next generation of transport infrastructure in Scotland. 


6 May

May '21

May '21

Aug '21

Campaign Launched 
Our campaign has launched and the petition is gaining traction. Candidates in Aberdeenshire for May's election have been contacted for their support. Click here to see how you can get involved.

Scottish Parliament Elections
Get out there and vote! The Campaign for North East Rail is a non party-political group, we do not endorse any candidate or party over another. You can check if your preferred candidate has endorsed our campaign here.

New Cabinet Chosen
The new Scottish Government will choose it's cabinet, we will be paying close attention to who the Transport Minister is going forward.

Joint Action
After the Transport Minister is in place, CNER will send a joint letter with the elected MSPs of our region, and our petitioners to the Transport Minister asking them to launch a feasibility study into our proposals.  

STPR2 Concludes
The Scottish Transport Project Review 2 determines the transport investment in Scotland over the next 20 years. We want to see our proposals included, and will continue to campaign for North East railways.  

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