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We need your help to #connectPeterhead

Today CNER are launching #connectPeterhead, a new campaign delivering the message that Ellon isn't far enough, and Peterhead must be connected to the rail network in the first instance, and we need your help! If the Scottish Government and the Scottish Green Party ratify their cooperation agreement at the end of the month, then a feasibility study is coming. CNER are focusing our campaign on demonstrating the impact of reconnecting the Bloo Toon to Aberdeen and beyond. In 2016 a study was published regarding reconnecting Ellon to the Rail network, once again neglecting the largest town in Aberdeenshire. This study demonstrated that a line to Ellon would require significant subsidy and would have limited patronage and freight uptake and thus formed a weak business case. CNER have shown, and will continue to demonstrate, that the Business case to Peterhead is far stronger than Ellon alone. Peterhead has a population over double that of Ellon. Including the potential patronage and freight from Fraserburgh, the business case for Peterhead is beyond reproach, and far outstrips the potential for an Ellon only line. The option of utilising the former Boddam branch to reach Peterhead has never been studied, this is a much more direct and feasible route than what has been looked at before. Now that a new study examining rail options in the North East has been secured as part of the deal between the Scottish Green and the Scottish Green Party, this solution for reaching Peterhead must finally be examined. If you want to see the North East get the railway it deserves then head to the new homepage ( to fill out our survey and find resources to contact your MSPs and tell them we have to go to Peterhead! Every single one of you who does this will help get this across the line! You will also find more information about the project and 10 reasons why we must #connectPeterhead. Please share the website with all your friends, family and colleagues to spread the word. Use #connectPeterhead on social media, and tag your MSPs where you can. Thank you, and please get in touch if you can help in any way in spreading the word! The CNER Team

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