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Redder and Redder

Mercedes Villalba has endorsed our campaign! Mercedes is a candidate for Dundee City West, but is also second for Scottish Labour on the North East Regional List, so her endorsement is significant! Thank you Mercedes!

Throughout her campaigning she has brought up the importance of rail travel in our fight against the climate crisis, and we are happy to have her on board! She said: "Scottish Labour has long campaigned with transport unions to bring our railways back into public ownership. We will carry out a complete review of our branch rail network, seeking to increase rail connectivity between our smaller towns and villages by reopening stations and restoring neglected services. We will decarbonise Scotland's railways, focusing on electrification and we will promote the use of rail freight. I believe that investment and expansion in rail will reduce the use of personal and commercial vehicles with people opting instead to travel and ship by rail. Rail transport must also be complemented by an integrated, publicly owned, electric bus network to make public transport a first-class option for all. Scottish Labour will start by making bus travel free for under 25s with a long-term goal of universal free bus travel. Green, affordable public transport is a priority for Scottish Labour - for people and planet."

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