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Just Transition Funding


This summer, we applied for £80-£250k to fully fund a new feasibility study examining our proposals. We have now been informed that this application was successful and funding will be granted.

We await the details of the award from the Just Transition Team to see whether this funding will be in full, or part. Whichever, once we have details CNER will be engaging with Nestrans and both councils to seek next steps in designing and commissioning a new feasibility study.

So much has changed since the original study. We must rally our support when the study is live, they must hear the North East clearly. When that time comes, the public, businesses and local politicians must respond in numbers to the consultations, and make our voices heard.

Friends, thank you for the support, we've come a long way, and there is plenty of road ahead, but this is a major step forward.

If you wish to support the campaign and get your hands on some exclusive merch, please visit

Thank you all! 🚂


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