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Humza Endorsement

Today we heard back from Humza Yousaf in response to our letter earlier this month. Should he be elected, we'll be reaching out to arrange that chat and discuss our plans to #connectourcoast

Humza said; "I know first hand from speaking to local communities in the North East how disconnected they can feel from Central Scotland, and transport links play a huge part in this. I welcomed the Scottish Government award of £250,000 from the Just Transition Fund for a feasibility study into reinstating rail links with Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

Alongside changes to business practices, a key prong of the transition to Net Zero is an effective, efficient Scotland-wide transport infrastructure. I keenly await the outcome of the feasibility study.

Please be assured that if elected as First Minister, I am committed to speaking with CNER as soon as is reasonably possible to see where the Government has scope to go further in delivering the completion of the study into rail lines in the North East."

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