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CNER gets greener!

Leòdhas Massie, Scottish Green candidate on the North East Regional List, has endorsed our Campaign!

For those of you that aren't up to speed on how the Scottish Parliament works, we get two votes this election. Your second vote is used to select a regional candidate that represents a larger area than individual constituencies. This helps produce a more proportional parliament.

Leò is our first endorsement from a candidate solely on the list, and we welcome his support!

He said; "The Campaign for North East Rail is a fantastic, well considered initiative to reconnect the north east. These proposals will find significant support amongst those of us living in the north east and have the support of the Scottish Green Party through the Rail for All policy. Local initiatives such as these are vital to the process of reconstructing our lost railways."

Keep on sharing the petition and spreading the word!

If you would like a candidate to endorse us, but don't see them here, contact them and tell them you want them to back our campaign! Find their details here:

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