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Another Candidate Endorsement!

Another Parliamentary candidate has endorsed our proposals! SNP Candidate for Aberdeenshire East, Gillian Martin has pledged to do all she can to help us realise our goals if elected. Gillian has been campaigning for reintroduction of the rail connection between Dyce and Ellon for five years now, and we welcome her onboard our Aberdeenshire wide campaign! Gillian said; "It's great to see the campaign for North East Rail take shape. I've been campaigning for a rail link between Dyce and Ellon for five years, and I know many residents are keen to see it realised. With our national ambition to reach net zero and connectivity being the big issue in the North East I feel its time has come. I hope everyone gets behind the campaign and I will do everything I can to support it if re-elected." Gillian also posted a video today campaigning for a Dyce to Ellon link, see it here:

Were glad to have her on board with our larger plans!

Candidate endorsements are an important part of our campaign, we want elected candidates from all parties representing the North East to join together and lobby the new transport minister after the election demanding a feasibility study be commissioned into our proposals such that they can be included in the Strategic Transport Projects Review 2.

Check the "Get Involved" page on the website to see the candidates we are awaiting responses from. If your chosen candidate has not sent us a response, please reach out to them and let them know you support us and would like them to endorse our campaign and help us achieve our goals.

Sign the petition here:

See candidate endorsements here:

Find your MSP Candidates and their contact details by entering your postcode here:

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