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Andy Brown, Labour two!

A second Scottish Labour candidate has endorsed our campaign! Thank you Andy Brown, candidate for Aberdeenshire West!

Andy said; "As a party, Scottish Labour has a vision for clean and fair transport systems, where public transport, walking, and cycling are valued as much as motor vehicles. We want to create greener communities and part of this would include investing in councils to create urban and rural safe active travel routes. In Aberdeenshire West, we have been particularly concerned by recent Aberdeenshire Council proposals to withdraw some bus services, which displays negative, short-term thinking, ignoring the environmental and societal impact. We agree with the Campaign for North East Rail’s (CNER) campaign objective of restoring a rail link between Aberdeen and Banchory, with an integrated bus service linking Banchory and local communities. We also believe there should be buses linking towns such as Kemnay with train services at Inverurie. If elected, I would campaign for the people of Aberdeenshire West to achieve these objectives and would be pleased to work alongside other bodies, including CNER, to draw on their expertise and experience."

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