What will you do with my data?

We don't collect any data without your knowledge, any data shared in the petition section will be sent to the Scottish Transport Minister in May, but will not be shared publicly. Any data sent to us through the contact section will be kept confidential unless stated otherwise. 

Can you supply a comment/appearance for us?

We are a group of individuals who are members of the public and do not have formal media training. We are happy to provide comment to the media, appear in video or audio segments or to provide a speaker at a local event once Covid restrictions allow. Please reach out through the contact section.

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Here are some quick questions many of you probably have, if you cant find an answer here, reach out to us through the contact page!

What's the plan?

Currently the plan is to secure endorsement from political candidates, the public, and local businesses. Once the new Transport Minister has been chosen, CNER will write a joint letter to the minister, including our proposals and endorsements in hope of securing a feasibility study.

When will the Detailed Proposal Document be Available?

Soon, the document will be available before the election, we are consulting with Rail experts to ensure our proposals have the details right. 

Can I become a CNER Member?

We are an informal group and as such dont have a formal membership as yet. We are happy to work with any individual that can help our cause, so get in touch. 

Why does the Deeside line stop at Banchory?

Current Scottish Government criteria is unlikely to recommend a railway any farther West than Banchory. This is due to population figures, and the high cost of construction involving compulsory purchase and demolitions. Our proposals are written in a way that is most likely to produce a positive feasibility study. RORA believe there is merit to extending the railway as far as Braemar, Alford and Banff, however these will have to wait for future campaigns or changes in Scottish Government Policy.